Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I have recently got my hands on some amazing cannabis and wow this stuff is blowing my brains. It makes me so incredibly horny and when I am sitting there almost paralysed I can have all these little mini orgasms which isn't always good when you are in company lol. But experiencing this and the high level of arousal I am reaching I have come up with a new thing to do on my ''to do'' list :) When I get really stoned I lose all sensation of having arms and legs and I cant move. I have made people laugh by telling them I cant go to bed cos I'm only a torso but what I want to do is get that stoned in bed and when I get to that incredibly horny but unable to move stage I want my lover just to open my legs and slide his cock right up my ass and make really slow love to my ass. Filling me full of slow deep, thrusts and am sure I would be screaming in seconds. Cumming when you are stoned always makes for a really long orgasm and am sure getting my ass fucked like that would mean I would be cumming for ages. Wowowowow. Cant wait to try it :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My Birthday Present

It's coming up to my birthday and already I'm being asked what I want but I cant actually tell anyone lol. Because what I want is deviant and dirty but I ache for it. It consumes me. Every night I lie in my bed and think it over, how would I like it to be, what would I want to happen. I have worked it out exactly so it's now time to tell you ;)

What I want is a threesome with two guys, both Indian preferably but I would take my lover and any guy lol. I wont be greedy. But the thought of two brown men with their hands on my body, their cocks in my cunt, ass and mouth just drives me wild. This is my fantasy and god how I wish it could be my birthday present

In my fantasy the other guy knows nothing of mine and my lover's plans so I always wonder how to start it off. Here's how I see it going.

It's my birthday and we are celebrating. We are sitting on the bed drinking and maybe smoking a joint, me and my lover on one side and his friend facing us. I get up to do something and come back and sit between my lovers legs and lie back against him for a cuddle. He wraps his arms round me and starts running his hands over my body until his hands are on my thighs. He grips the material of my saree (we are in India) and starts to pull it up exposing my ankles, calves, knees and eventually my thighs. The other guy is surprised but he is watching closely. My lover runs his dark hands over my creamy white thighs as his friend watches intently. My lover runs his hands up the inside of my thighs and in a flash he has grabbed them and spread them wide exposing my perfectly shaved and dribbling cunt. When I got up earlier i took my knickers off ;) His friend jumps back but my lover reassures him it's ok and to come closer and look at my piercing. He does and my lover plays with the little stud through my clit. The guys is breathing deeply and is getting very aroused. I can see a bulge forming in his trousers. Mmmmmmmmm this is going to plan. My lover spreads my cunt wide and tells him to touch me, to slide his fingers up my dribbling wet hole, to eat my cunt if he so desires while he holds me open for him. The guy tentatively touches me and lets out a low moan as he feels the creamy wetness nestling in between my swollen lips. His fingers are soon inside me then back out and playing with my clit and it's little stud. His hands are wet, soaken with my flowing juices. I moan in my lover's ear and bite at his neck as he leans over me still spreading me wide for his friend. ''Eat it'' he demands to his friend and his tongue is probing my juicy, wet hole in an instant. He licks me deep and hard, drinking my juices and making me cry out. his tongue flicks at my swollen clit making me cry out louder, He eats his fill of my cunt and sits up and rubs his hardness with his wet hands. My lover gets out from behind me and stands me up. He unwraps me from my saree and leaves me in just my bra. He stands behind me and slowly frees my breasts from their bra. His dark hands cups my creamy white breasts and he twists my hard nipples between his finger and thumb. His friend comes over and takes one of my nipples in his mouth as my lover comes round and takes the other in his mouth. I look down on two dark heads sucking my nipples and let out a cry. I run my fingers through their hair as the suck and play with my nipples leaving them hard and dark. Their hands are running over my back and legs as they suck and lick. I can't believe how good it feels. They stop and stand up in front of me and they both strip naked exposing two impreesive hardons. My lover pushes me over to the bed and makes me kneel on it showing off my big, round bum. He sits at the side and pulls my cheeks apart and opens me right up. ''Fuck her'' he tells his friend. I feet his hardness tease at my aching cunt then he thrusts deep inside me. I let out a scream as he slams into me making me take the whole of his hard, black cock. My lover comes round the front and gives me his cock to suck. They spit roast me for a while then my lover comes round the back of me and says to his friend ''I have something to show you, come out of her'' His friend slips his cock out and my lover drags his fingers through the wetness. ''Good, she is very wet. Let me show you just how special a cunt this is'' he says as he put two fingers up my cunt. Two become three and three become four. I feel it get tighter and tighter as he tucks his thumb in and gave a push and slips the whole of his dark hand up my dribbling cunt. I cry out as his hand stretches me inside. He takes it out as pushes it back in again then takes it back out. He does this again and again till it slips in and out with no resistance. He takes his hand out leaving me wide open ''Look at that wide open cunt. Wow. You do it now'' he says and his friend takes over fisting me. He twists and turns his hand inside me as I kneel over on the bed. Eventually he stops and my lover kneels behind me. I feel his fingers running over my wide open cunt and he says to his friend ''I love fisting her but it always leaves a problem. her cunts too wide open to fuck. Guess it needs to be that tight little ass then'' I moan with excitement as he runs his fingers over my tight hole spreading the wetness over it. He leans over and spits on me and teases the head of his cock over my ass. I gasp. I feel the head of his cock push into me and he says to me ''Are you ready for this, you little bitch?'' I looked over my shoulder and nod. ''Then relax baby, cos am gonna open your ass up deep inside. Relax and take it'' With that he slowly pushed the whole of his cock deep into me. I scream out. Fuck it's tight and he is deep inside me. ''Get round and give her your cock to suck'' he tells his friend. I take his cock in my mouth, tasting my own juices, and as my lover thrusts his cock up my ass I jerk forward to take his friends cock deep in my mouth. My muffled screams vibrated through his friends cock as he fucks my ass harder and deeper with every thrust. My lover spanks my ass and said ''You are liking this you little slut'' I say a muffled uh huh round his friends cock and he thrust his deepest thrust into me yet. I feel my lover stiffen and jerk as he filled my ass up with his hot, white cum. He takes his cock out and fingers his dribbling cum back up my wide open ass. His friend comes round to the back of me and takes over fingering my ass. My lover comes and sits in front of me and holds me in his arms. He looks deep in my eyes as his friend takes my ass from behind fucking me in his cum. He holds me in his arms and studies me as I bite my bottom lip and my body jerks forward into him with every thrust and my screams fill the room. My lovers cum is foaming white in my ass as his friend thrusts deep up my ass. My lover's obviously turned on by this as his cock is hard again in seconds, ''Time to really share her, man. Lie on the bed'' he says to his friend. His friend lies down on the bed and I get on top of him and he slides his cock up my cunt. My lover gets on me from behind and slides his cock up my ass. I scream out as it goes deeper inside me pushing his friends cock through the walls of my cunt and ass. Oh my god it feels so full. My lover leans over and whispers in my ear ''Cum for us you bitch. cum with two hard, black cocks deep inside you. Scream you bitch, scream'' They start to fuck me slowly and deeply. Both their cocks going deep inside my cunt as ass. I'm cumming in seconds. Every part of my cunt and ass is on fire. My screams are getting louder and my body is shaking and quivering. ''She's close man. Get ready to fill her full'' my lover says to his friend as he wraps his arms round me from behind. My lover holds me up as I cum hard while feeling them pulse and cum deep inside me. Wowowowowowow. Fuck that's one of the best fucks ever. My lover comes out me and I was about to get up but he says ''Stay there. That cunt and ass are wide open and you need to see this. Lets get a closer shot'' and crosses the room to pick up the video camera which had been filming the whole thing. His friend gives a start but he says ''Relax man'' He zoomed in on those well used and dribbling holes and said ''Happy Birthday, Baby''

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Kinky Story for my Lover's Birthday

It's my lover's birthday today so this one is for him. It was one of our favourite fantasies ;)

I was horny and alone and feeling very, very naughty. It was hours before my lover was due home...or so I thought. I took my clothes off and got out my box of toys and lay down on the bed. I let my hands explore my body, caressing my nipples and making then tighten in the cool air. I twisted them between my fingers making them darken and go soooooo hard. My hands went lower down my body till I reached my warm, wet pussy. I let my fingers explore the warm, wet folds and moaned as I slid my fingers up that juicy wet hole. But my fingers weren't enough. I wanted something bigger to satisfy my aching hole. I chose my favourite toy, a big, life like black dildo, and slid it deep inside my waiting pussy. Mmmmmmmmmm that felt good. I teased myself with it, working up my orgasm and then letting it die down just to work it up again. Engrossed as I was, with my eyes closed and moaning and gasping, I never heard the footsteps coming up the stairs or saw my lover watching me through the crack in the door. How long he was there I do not know but I know what happened next.

He opened the door and said ''It's like that, is it?'' I froze where I was and opened my eyes. He said ''You are getting naughty without me honey and you know what that means'' I did know what it meant. It meant punishment and naughty girls always love to be punished but we pretend we don't.

I drew my knees to my chest and said ''I'm sorry babes, please don't punish me''

''It's too late for sorries, you dirty little bitch'' he said

He started to strip his clothes off, revealing an impressive hardon and came towards me on the bed. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs up and pulled my body down the bed so I was completely exposed. I started to try and wriggle away so he spanked me and said ''Stay still''

I pleaded and begged with him. Said sorry over and over again but he kept saying it was too late for sorries and the more I said sorry and struggled the harder I would get it. I couldn't help it. I kept saying sorry again and again and again and tried desperately to get away


I let out a cry and he said ''Stay still you little bitch''

He came towards me with his cock and pushed it against me. I tried desperately to get away but to no avail. He leaned forward and spat on my ass. I knew now what his intentions really were and I wriggled harder and harder


He pushed my legs down hard almost to the pillow at the side of my head so I was folded in two and he pushed his cock against my tight little ass.

''I'm sorry'' I pleaded

''This is your last chance'' he said. ''Stop saying sorry or am gonna fuck your tight little ass hard and deep''

Shaking with anticipation, excitement and down right lust I whispered ''I'm sorry!'' and wiggled my bum

I knew exactly what I was doing. The harder I wiggled and the more I said sorry the harder my ass would be fucked and I just love hard anal sex.

He spat on my ass again and pushed the head of his cock inside me. He looked down at me and said ''Naughty girls get punished hard'' and thrust his cock up my tight, unprepared ass.

I screamed ''I'm sorryyyyyyyyyy. Please don't. It's tight!'' and tried to wriggle away but he pushed me down harder and started to fuck my ass harder and deeper.

He said ''Oh it is tight honey. So fucking tight. But relax and let me open you up deep inside. Am gonna leave that ass wide open and dribbling with cum, you little whore. Do you understand that?''

I did and it turned me on so much. I bit my lip and nodded to him

One scream merged into another as he pinned my ankles to the pillow and pounded my ass, mercilessly. Eventually he stopped and said to me ''Are you ready to be a good girl?''

I nodded and bit my lip and he let go of my legs and I brought them down and wrapped them round his legs. He slid his hands under my arms and held my head with his fingers entwined in my hair and looked deep into my eyes. I bit my bottom lip and gazed deep into his eyes and he started to make slow gentle love to my ass. I was cumming in seconds and my hands clutched and patted at his back as my orgasm built and built. My body shook and quivered beneath his as he filled me full of his hard black cock again and again and again. I screamed and gasped with pure pleasure. The ecstasy was overwhelming and my body started to jerk and quiver as I came hard round his cock and he groaned deeply and I felt him jerk and pulse as he filled me full of his hot, white cum. He held me tight and smothered my face in a hundred little kisses then he looked intensely at me and said ''Now that's a good girl''

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Writing again and a trip into ''The Archive''

My mind is just full of stories and ideas just now. I'm really getting back into this writing again. Only thing is I'm horny all the time lol. Could do with a good ''Friday night'' A few drinks, maybe a smoke and some seriously kinky fun. Now that would be good!!

Tonight I'm gonna tell you a little from ''The Archive.'' I mentioned in another post about the fun with the wine bottle. It was in the week my lover and I first met. We were fucking like rabbits that week. Well one day we got a bit frisky in the kitchen. The kitchen had a huge window with no curtains which looked out onto a hillside. Occasionally people did walk by tho!! I was wearing a saree that day which although it might not seem it but it's a very sexy thing to wear. Anyways I jumps up onto the corner of the kitchen side and my lover lifted the saree and opened my legs wide putting a foot on the worktops either side. He got onto his knees and ate my dripping wet pussy. I threw my head back and ran my fingers through his hair and pulled his head right in. Fuck I remember how good it felt. Then my lover stood up and took his cock out and slipped it into that dribbling wet hole. That kitchen side was the perfect height cos his cock was hitting just the right spot and I was screaming. I think it was a bit too kinky for my lover cos he came pretty quick that day and before me. My lover's the type of guy who thinks about pleasing me before he pleases himself and if he does cum before me then he makes me cum by any means possible. It's not over till the fat lady screams lol. This day the ''means'' was a wine bottle, or should I say a champagne bottle, on the side from the night before. He slid the neck of the bottle up my pussy and fucked me with it. I remember my pussy stretching as the neck went deeper and deeper into me. I came hard round that bottle and as he pulled it out we could see the mixture of our cum dribbling down the sides of the bottle. We put the bottle in the bin but the funny thing was it was washed and up my pussy again only a few hours later lol

Brian's birthday

My friend Julie came to me and told me it was her hubby Brian's 40th birthday soon and she fancied giving him a big surprise and wondered if I would help. I said sure if I could help I surely would. I wasn't expecting what she told me tho. Brian's biggest fantasy had always been a threesome (MFF) and since I was her best friend there was no one she was more comfortable to do it with. After the initial surprise I got to quite liking the idea. I let her read a story I had written years ago about the same scenario and she loved the idea. So we set to work getting baby sitters and kinky underwear.

The big night came and we were all set. Black body suits, hold up stockings, little black dresses and red feather boas stored under the bed. We took Brian upstairs blindfolded with one of those daft eye masks you get on planes and told him his surprise present was up there. We sat him on the chair and told him to lay his arms along the arm rests with his palms out. Quick as a flash we tied his arms to the arm rests with red ribbons. He started wriggling and asking what the hell was going on but we kept quiet. We took our dresses off and put the red feather boas on. I tied a bit of string to the elastic at the back of the eye mask and unravelled it over to the bed and me and Julie got on the bed. We were up on our knees facing each other with our arms wrapped round each other. I mouthed ''ready?'' to her and she nodded. I told Brian to bend his head forward, took the string in my hands, started kissing Julie and pulled the eye mask off with the string. Brian lifted his head up, blinking with the light, and gasped as he saw us. I had lifted my hand and was cupping Julie's breast and my other hand was in her hair. Julie had one hand in the small of my back and the other in my hair and this kiss was getting deeper and deeper. We almost forgot about Brian for a minute we were so immersed in the kiss but when we did break it Brian had a big smile on his face and an even bigger hardon trying to break out his trousers. I started to slide the straps of Julie's body suit down freeing her big round breasts and she did the same to me then we kissed again with our breasts pressed hard against each others with the nipples touching. I broke the kiss and lowered my head and took her nipple in my mouth. Brian moaned from the chair and Julie threw her head back and let her hair dangle down her back. I took her other breast in my hand and twisted her nipples gently between my thumb and finger. She let out a little gasp. I swapped nipples and sucked the other one. I was enjoying this. I told her to lie on the bed and she did. I sat at her ankles and opened her legs wide, moved her knickers to the side and buried my head between her legs. I'm not sure who moaned more, her or Brian, as I dipped my tongue into her sweet pussy. I put my hands on her thighs and pushed her legs wide apart so Brian could get a better view. I took her swollen clit in my mouth and sucked it in. It was time to take this a bit further tho. I got out from between her legs and lay on the bed and told her to get on top of me for a 69. I made sure my pussy was facing Brian tho so he could see his wife eating my pussy. He was wriggling at the straps and begging us to untie him but we were making him wait. I ran my hands all over Julies back as she ate me. Her tongue was doing the most amazing thing with my clit stud. Wowowowow. We were both getting close to cumming so we stopped and kissed again tasting out pussy juice from the others lips. Mmmmmmm it tasted good. We looked at each other and nodded. it was time to untie Brian. This was Julies first 3some and there was a treat I wanted to give her. I wanted me and Brian to suck her nipples at the same time. I whispered that in his ear as I untied him. He shot out the chair and whipped his clothes off in a flash releasing this huge hardon. My god this guy was gifted. It had to be atleast 10''. We got Julie up onto her knees again and set to work on her nipples. Her fingers were tangling through my hair as she held me against her breasts as I sucked her lovely nipples. I stopped sucking and got behind Julie and bent her over onto her hands and knees. Brian stood at the side of the bed and Julie took that monster cock into her mouth as I licked her from behind. Her moans were vibrating round Brian's cock and he let out a long, low groan. She was loving it. We got Brian to lie on the bed and Julie lowered her pussy onto his cock and started to ride him. I lowered my pussy over his face and started to ride his face while me and Julie looked at each other and fondled each others breasts. I was so horny and so close to cumming it was only gonna take a minute to make me cum with Brian licking my clit stud the way he was. Julie looked pretty close too. I said to Brian am cumminggggggggg and Julie gasped ''me too'' as we held each other as we shook and quivered in each others arms. Underneath us we felt Brian stiffen and buck as he came hard up Julies dribbling pussy. We got off and I bent down and kissed Brian and said ''Happy Birthday pal'' and quietly left the room

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Now wouldn't have been interesting if this had happened???

I had been deciding for a while I wanted my clit pierced but was struggling to find somewhere local that did it. But my luck changed and I found somewhere and before I could change my mind I found myself in the waiting room waiting to get it done. I was taken into the room by this gorgeous guy. About 6'3'', dark hair and very fit looking. He turned his back and asked me to take off my knickers and get onto the bed. I did as I was told and kinda nervously got onto the bed keeping my knees shut till the last minute. He got some equipment sorted which looked like more like stuff you would find at a dentist then came over to the bed. He asked me to open my legs and told me to relax. He winked at me and told me it would be fine. I closed my eyes, lay back and opened my legs wide so I was completely exposed. I tried to relax like he had said and he told me he was just going to give me a clean before he did it. I felt his breath on my pussy and thought fuck he's a bit close then I felt something flick my clit. It was just the softest of touches but it was unmistakably his tongue. I gave a start and started to close my legs but he put a hand on each thigh and held them open, looked up at me and said relax. Well, I thought, what the fuck. Why not?? And I lay back down again. He ran his tongue right up the middle of my pussy from my tight little ass to my swollen clit again and again and again. I was soon gasping. My hands were gripping the sides of the table and I was trying not to scream. He took my legs and pushed them back exposing me even more and he probed my ass with his tongue then circled that tight little hole. Oh my god!!! He slid 2 fingers up my aching pussy and turned them round so his thumb could tease my ass and continued to lick my click. The sensations were almost too much for me as I writhed and moaned on the table. He slowly started to put his thumb up my ass. Oh fuck!! He wrapped his lips round my clit and gently sucked it into his mouth. while his fingers and thumb slid slowly in and out my pussy and ass. My body quivered and shook and I let out a strangled cry and came hard for him. As I lay there gasping on the table he started to clean me up. Within a minute he had my clit pierced and showed me in the mirror. Mmmmmmmm it looked good. He said am sorry to tell you that you have to avoid sex for 2 weeks, even oral, so I gave you something good to remember while you wait and he winked at me again. That was the best £60 I ever spent

Some more about me

I wasn't always a kinky bitch. At one time I was a very boring wife and mum but when I turned 30 something changed in me. Turning 30 coincided with getting a digital camera though lol and I found I loved posing for pictures. I realised you could be a big girl and still be sexy and that's when my sexual freedom started. I lost my inhibitions and it became a case of everything goes. And I loved it. I craved sex constantly and was always ready and always wet. 3 times a day was not enough lol. I wanted more. But my marriage failed and I found myself on my own which was when I hooked up with my lover. Lets just say we have had the most amazing cyber sex over the years. It never got boring, it never failed to excite. It was out of this world. It was also very dirty and very extreme at times. But words are fine, what was the reality going to be like? We soon found out when we met in real life for the first time. I did worry that when it came to it I wouldn't be able to put my money where my mouth was but I needn't have. My lover and I booked a holiday cottage in the middle of no where for a week of kinky sex and I'm sure if you asked him he would say I didn't let him down. I still remember the way he moaned when he found the puddle between my legs. A dripping wet and very ready cunt. But what seemed to turn him on most was the fact I was always wet. No matter when he slid his fingers between those swollen lips there was always a puddle of juices nestled there. He told me never in his life had he felt a cunt as wet as mine was or tasted one as good ;). It was only the second day after we had met for the first when we were fucking and I took his cock out my cunt and slid it up my ass with no preparation (I'm wet enough that I dont need it). I still remember his face when he realised where his cock was. For the first time in his life he got to fuck an ass hard and deep and fill it full of his hot white cum. I remember how deep and full it felt and how fucking good. Mmmmmmm. (From then on we said that every time we met up the first time we fucked would be up the ass). That was also the week where I found out I loved sucking cock. Previous to that I hadn't liked it but that was maybe to do with the fact my hubby had a 12'' monster cock lol. But I never looked back from then on. His cock was never out my mouth and I loved it. We also did the most amazing things with a wine bottle but that's another story ;)

I was lying in bed last night thinking about what to write next in this blog and I think am gonna write little excerpt from my sexual archives. Just little snippets of the kinky things I've done and maybe the not so kinky things too. Let me know if you like them ;) There will be stories too. I've got a couple of ideas (one thanks to Mr Anonymous), I just need the time to write them lol

Love Angel Xx Xx

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Going to India and meeting up with my lover and giving him a surprise ;)

I went to India recently and met up with my lover after quite a long time;) And after the most amazing kissing in my hotel room we got down to business. He started to undress me, first taking my blouse off and releasing my baby girls. God his hands and mouth were all over my big, creamy breasts. His dark hands looked good playing with my breasts but I can assure you his mouth round my nipples felt even better. I ran my fingers through his hair as he greedily sucked on my nipples. Mmmmmmm. He got to undressing my bottom half and removed my skirt and then peeled my knickers off. As he got between my legs and took his first look at my pussy he got a little surprise. ''Oh you have a little stud'' he said. Since the last time we met I had had my clit pierced and I had been keeping it a secret from him. I knew how much it would arouse him to see it for the first time and I wasn't disappointed. He licked and sucked my clit, teasing his tongue all round the stud. He played with it with his fingers and licked it some more. He seemed to love it. And I can assure you I was loving it too. It felt very naughty ;) After he had eaten me to his heart's content I turned him over and removed his clothes and took his glorious, hard, black cock in my warm, wet mouth and sucked and teased it to my hearts content. God he tasted good. He was leaking in my mouth and I licked and sucked every pit of his pre cum off his cock, teasing my tongue round the head as I did so. I stopped sucking him and got on top of him letting him feel my hot, wet cunt against his cock and tummy. He wiggled about trying to get his cock inside me but I wasn't giving in that easy. I wanted to tease him. Wanted him to be desperate. I leaned over him and dangled my breasts in his face, teasing my nipples across his lips. Then I wiggled from side to side slapping his face with my breasts. He liked that :D Then I gave in to his wiggling cock and took it inside me and rode him hard. He had his hands all over my breasts, sides and hips as he thrust his cock deep inside me. Mmmmmmmmm that felt too good. Then he flipped me over and put me on my back, lifted my legs and thrust his cock deep inside me. He had his hand between my legs rubbing the clit piercing as he fucked me. Oh god I was in heaven. It wasn't long before we were both cumming hard. He put his hands under my arms and held my head with his fingers entwined in my hair. My hands grasped and raked at his back as the orgasm built and built. We exploded together and he filled me deep inside with his hot white cum. We turned and faced each other and held each other in our arms and slept the night like that. Heaven!!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Last night's dream

I had the most amazing dream last night :) I was fucking my lover. I was on top of him but facing the other way. I could see it tho like I was watching it from his eyes. I could see my big, round, white bum and my arched back and his hard black cock going in and out of my pussy. My lips were stretched tight round the width of his cock and his cock was shining with my juices. He took a bottle of baby oil and poured it all over my bum and rubbed it in till my bum was shiny with oil. The oil was dribbling down my ass and onto his cock making it even more slippery and shiny. He slapped my bum leaving big red hand prints on it as I continued to ride him. I was slamming my bum down hard against him making our skin slap and covering his thighs in baby oil. He told me to get off and held my cheeks open as I did and he looked into my wide open cunt. I could see my pink insides dribbling with juices. He held his cock up and slapped it off my ass then held it still as I lowered myself back onto his cock. I rode him hard and clutched at his legs as my cunt got tighter and tighter round his cock. He put his dark hands onto my bum and lowered me up and down as I struggled to move as I came hard. He thrust his cock deep in as he filled me full of hot white cum. Then he pushed me up and off his cock and we watched the cum dribble out.

I woke up very horny and my pussy was dribbling. MMMMMMMMMMMMM I liked that dream. Roll on tonight. Cant wait for round 2 lol

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Phone sex last night and the fantasy we played out

Last night I had the most amazing phone sex ;) My lover and I usually pick a scenario for our phone sex and I will tell you about it now. We always have a drink and a special smoke for these kinda nights. It enhances the experience and I become so uninhibited when I'm high. Cumming is sooooooo amazing high. It lasts forever and is so intense. All in all it was an amazing night ;)

It was Friday night and the rules say Friday nights are no knickers nights ;) So I had a long denim skirt on and knee high black boots. On top was a low cut, tight red top showing off a hell of a lot of cleavage :)

We started in a bar having a drink with one of my lover's friends. My lover had told me his friend was a virgin and that turned me on a lot. I love taking virgins :). I fancied his friend a lot and we invited him back to our place. We ordered a taxi and all 3 of us got into the back with me in the middle. I was soon rubbing their cocks through their trousers. MMMMMMMMMMM 2 hard, black cocks to play with. I opened my legs and put one leg each between their knees and as I went ''ski ing'' they were running their hands up my thighs. I heard their gasps as they found out I had been sitting there all night with no knickers on. They both ran their fingers between my swollen lips and then both slid a finger inside me. Then they both turned to me and slid a hand inside my top and removed my creamy white breasts. I looked down at their dark hands cupping my breasts and knew my biggest fantasy was about to come true. I have fantasised for years about having sex with two dark men. I love the contrast between my white skin and my lovers brown skin. And when he gets behind me as I look in the mirror and cups my breasts it gets me sooooooooooo horny. Tonight I was going to have 2 dark men to play with. They each leaned over and took one of my nipples in their mouths. Oh my god. What a feeling. 2 cocks in my hands, 2 fingers up my dribbling cunt and 2 mouths sucking my big, hard nipples. Heaven!!

Our taxi arrived home and we went inside to the kitchen to get drinks. I sat up on the corner of the kitchen side. My favourite place to be ;) My lover poured the wine and I saw him look at the empty bottle. He came over to me and lifted my legs and put one on the side at either side of me. Then he took the wine bottle and slid it up my dribbling cunt. His other hand took my clit between his finger and thumb and rubbed it as he fucked my dribbling hole with the bottle. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear how he wanted to show his friend just how good I fucked. How dirty I fucked and just how hard I could take it and how much I wanted it. I whispered back ''show him.''

He took the bottle out my cunt and unzipped his trousers and took his hard black cock in his hand. He rubbed it over my cunt slapping my clit as he did so. Then he lined his cock up with my dribbling hole and slammed it inside. I let out a scream as his cock banged into me harder and harder and harder. I dug my fingernails into his back and scratched him as he continued to pound my cunt. Then he came out of me and round the side. He opened my swollen lips, showing his friend my pink insides and told him to take it. His friend's cock was out in a shot and sliding up my cunt. My lover told him to fuck me hard and he did. My screams mingled one into another as he pounded my cunt. My lover stroked my hair and kissed me as his friend fucked me hard and deep. My lover told me to cum for him. To let him cum inside me. He said he wanted to watch my face as I came hard for him. So I let myself go and started to cum for him. My screams got louder as I grasped hard at his back and came soooooo hard. As I quivered and shook in his arms he filled my cunt up with his hot white cum. My lover then came back to the side of me and told his friend it was his turn now. His friend withdrew leaving my cunt dribbling with his hot, white cum. My lover pushed the cum back inside me with his fingers and slapped my cunt again with his cock and then thrust his cock into me. I started to cum almost instantly. My lovers was wild with excitement having just watched his friend use and abuse me. He was biting at my neck and breasts as he hammered my cunt deep and hard. I was screaming ''fuck me harder'' and he obliged. I looked down to see his friends cum foaming white round his hand black cock. That looked soooooooo dirty. I could hear the slap of the skin as he banged into me. I screamed ''make me cum, you bastard. Make me cum'' as I scratched hard at his back and bum. He said ''cum for me you little bitch. Cum hard'' and I did, my body bucking and shaking with the intensity of the orgasm. He let out a deep groan as he filled me up with his hot, white cum, pulsing deep inside me. He withdrew his cock and ran his fingers over my swollen, red cunt and spread the mixture of cum all down my thighs. He helped me off the side and stripped me naked and said ''go and shower for us. We want to watch''

I went upstairs to the en suite bathroom and got into the shower. I soaped my breasts and played with them all shiny and wet like that. Twisting my nipples between my fingers. Then I washed away their cum and played with myself in front of them. I spread my legs and slowly slid a finger inside. God my cunt felt sore and used but I loved it. I said to them ''take your clothes off and get in with me'' and they did. I took each of their cocks in my hands and soaped them and rubbed them. They were soon hard again. As I played with their cocks, they were soaping my breasts, thighs and back and running their hands over my slippery body. We got out the shower and dried and I got onto my hands and knees on the edge of the bed and invited my lover to fuck my face. He got in front of me and parted my lips with his cock. He tangled his fingers in my hair and pulled my head back to look into my eyes. Then he started to fuck my face. His friend got behind me and licked my swollen cunt and hard clit. MMMMMMMM this felt good. His friend stopped licking and slid his cock into my cunt again. My lover stopped fucking my face and allowed his friend to fuck me and every time he thrust into me I went forward on his cock. His friend was fucking me hard banging my lovers cock hard into my mouth. The ripples were going through my bum and my breasts swayed and bounced with every thrust. My lover then told his friend it was time to swap places. I took his friends cock in my mouth and sucked hard on it tasting my juices off it. MMMMMMMMMM his cock tasted good. My lover got behind me and instead of sliding his cock up my cunt he spat on my ass and slid it deep up my ass totally unprepared. My screams and moans vibrated round his friends cock as he fucked me hard up the ass. He spanked my big round bum leaving vivid red hand prints on it as he continued to ride my ass. I could feel his balls banging off my clit with every thrust. My lover got off me and invited me to sit over him. He lifted his cock and I lowered my dribbling cunt onto it. Then he spread my cheeks wide and showed his friend just how wide open he had left my ass. He told his friend to fuck it. His friend got behind me and slid his cock up my ass while my lover had his cock up my cunt. Oh god that felt tight. So fucking tight. I screamed ''it's tight'' and my lover said ''Oh it is tight honey. Relax for us. Relax and enjoy it.'' They started to fuck both my holes slowly and deeply. My lover kissed me and squeezed my nipples and his friend stroked my back and spanked my bum. I was cumming. My screams and moans got louder and louder and my body shook as they worked me closer and closer to cumming. My lover told his friend ''she's about to cum. Fill her ass up with your cum'' and as I reached my climax I felt them both push hard against me and pulse. OMG it felt amazing. So fucking dirty. I felt used and abused and I loved it. And I knew I had shown his friend just how a real woman fucks. And I had another virgin to my list ;)

Friday, 10 July 2009

Bumping into an old boyfriend

It was Friday night and Friday night was ''Snug'' night. We had rules for the Snug. Friday was no knickers night and Saturday was no bra night. So I left for home that night with no knickers on and a long flowing skirt. I had just got off the train and was heading for the Snug when I bumped into an old boyfriend. He was heading back to his new flat with a bottle of wine and asked me if I wanted to come in and see his new place. I was a bit early for the snug so thought I would go in for a bit. We wandered round the house looking at every room and he had a lovely place. We ended up in the kitchen where he set about uncorking the wine. I jumped up and sat on in the corner of the kitchen side while he poured the wine. He came across the room to give me the wine and it was then I realised my mistake. He stood with his body touching my knees and handed me the glass. I took the glass and had a sip while he gazed intently at me. ‘‘You look good, honey'' he said. He took the glass back off me and opened my knees with his hands and got very close to me. Then he kissed me. His hands caressed my back and my hair as I melted into his kiss. Wow this guy could kiss. His hands moved from my back and were soon up my sides then cupping my breasts. His hands found my nipples and he twisted them gently through my blouse. He started to unbutton my blouse and opened it up. The he slid a hand into each of the cups of my bra and removed my breasts from their flimsy coverings. With one breast in each hand he lowered his head and started sucking my nipples in turn. Leaving them wet and exposed like that makes my nipples go very hard and dark and he groaned as he took those hard nipples deep into his mouth. I threw my head back and shivered as his touch sent electric through my body. I could feel my pussy dribbling as he turned me on more and more. He put his hands down and started to run his fingers up my calves with the slightest of touch lifting my skirt as he did so. He kept lifting till my skirt was up to my thighs. He lifted my legs and put one foot on either side of me and dropped to his knees between my legs. He just looked at me in surprise when he saw I had no knickers on. I just shrugged and looked naughty and he laughed and said ''you always were full of surprises, honey.'' Then he ran his fingers gently up the inside of my thighs and buried his face between my legs and ate my dribbling pussy. Wow that felt like heaven. His tongue teased and licked my swollen clit making me moan deeply. He pulled me forward to the very edge of the kitchen side and licked me from my tight little ass all the way up the middle to my swollen clit. I looked into his eyes and bit my bottom lip with the thrill of it. We had always had an agreement if I let him lick my ass I would let him fuck it. And he knew it. His tongue teased that sweet, tight little hole and I knew I was in for a special kind of fucking tonight. I could feel my pussy dribbling down over my ass and he was leaving it very wet with his tongue. He got up and stood in front of me and undid his trousers and freed his big, hard cock. He took it in his hand and rubbed it from my clit to my tight little ass and pushed just the head of it into ass. He said to me ‘‘are you ready for this, you little bitch? Dirty girls who go out without their knickers on deserved to get their asses fucked. Are you ready to let me open your ass up deep inside?'' I just bit my lip and nodded. ''Then relax baby. Relax and enjoy it. Let me enjoy you'' and with that he slide his cock deep inside my ass. I screamed ''It's tight, baby. It’s tight'' He said ''Oh it is tight you, little bitch, but am gonna fuck it till it loses all resistance'' and he started to fuck my ass slowly and deeply. I clung to him, my fingernails digging into his back as I took his cock deep up my ass. I was cumming almost instantly and my hands started grasping frantically at his back and bum. He slid his cock out my ass and said ''let's see how wide open I have left you?'' He got onto his knees and groaned as he looked at my ass. ''It's wide open honey. So wide I can see your pink insides.'' He spat inside my ass and stood back up and thrust his cock back into me. I screamed. He wrapped his arms round me and continued to fuck my ass. My moans were turning into screams as I got me closer and closer to cumming. He said '' cum for me you little bitch. Cum with my cock up your ass. Let me fill you full of my hot white cum.'' I came hard and my body shook and quivered in his arms as he pushed hard against me and filled my ass up with his cum. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me. He held me close to him as we got our breath back kissing me tenderly on my face. Then he slowly took his cock out my ass. ‘‘God you are wide open baby'' he said. ‘‘Wide open and dribbling.'' He ran his fingers over my ass and pushed his cum back into me with 2 fingers. He helped me down off the side and led me to the shower where we washed each other’s bodies tenderly. We dried and he led me by the hand, naked to bed where we made love again. I never did get to the snug that night lol

Hello and welcome to my blog

Well hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Angel. I have started this blog to share my stories and sexual experiences with you. I am a very sexual lady and love sex and writing about it. I have a huge collection of stories that I wrote for my lover to turn him on when he was away from home. I am a deviant though. Anything and everything goes and as my last lover will tell you I have never in 3 years said no to him. I just cant get enough sex. I love all kinds of sex from tender love making, to kinky sex all round the house (and outdoors), to downright filthy fucking and I regularly enjoy cyber/phone sex too. It's all fun :D. I have a box of toys which I love to play with especially on web cam to my lover. That turns me on unbelievably to be watched like that. My favourite toy is a big black dildo

Ok a bit about me now. I'm tall and curvy (the typical hour glass figure) with huge breasts and a big round bum. I am white, have long dark hair and dark eyes. I am an incredible flirt though and love talking to men. With a drink in me I get very uninhibited and fill the conversation with lots of innuendo which I have found guys love. Am currently single but it's not for the want of offers. Am fighting off 4 guys just now lol. My problem is my last lover was Indian and they say once you go black you never go back and that's true for me. White guys seem boring to me now. I have a passion for black cocks now and I cant wait to get my next one.

I have in the past had a threesome with my partner and his friend. The highlight of that was getting both my nipples sucked at the same time. What a feeling!!!! My next thing I want to do is have a threesome with 2 brown/black men. The thought of 2 hard black cocks drives me crazy. I have recently started experimenting kissing and touching women but we have not got as far as having sex yet. I will let you know if we do ;)

I hope you enjoy my blog and reading my stories. Feel free to comment if you do :)

Love Angel Xx Xx